Equipment Mats

Our strong hardwood mats are manufactured for supporting heavy equipment. Both our laminated mats and heavy duty timber mats are built to withstand heavy use for your heavy construction needs. And we can deliver directly to your job site.


Bayou Forest Products mats are cut from some of the densest hardwoods available. We build these mats out of dense lumber so that they're tough and reliable when you're moving heavy equipment. The mats can be used for bridges and roads, across swamps and muddy conditions. They can support cranes and other equipment along pipelines, industrial job sites, or anywhere that needs equipment support. Our mats are available in both 8" and 12" thicknesses and include lifting eyes for easy maneuverability. 


Our laminated mats are a multi-ply design that is durable and strong. These mats are commonly used as board roads, for oilfield locations, trucks, and rubber-tired equipment and surface decking. 


Bayou Forest Products can manufacture any size and style mat. We've built pine mats, specialty road mats, and more. For more information on our custom-manufactured mats, call 1 (888) 430-9663.

  • 8'x16' 3-Ply Laminated Truck Mats

  • 8"x4" Timber Mats

    •  16'-24'

    • Exposed Bolts

  • 12"x4' or 12"x5' Crane Mats

    • 16'-40'

    • Exposed Bolts, Cables, or Cranes

  • Treated pine mats also available upon request.


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