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Waterfront House Piling

BFP supplies large 12" treated square piles for custom Gulf Coast home

Many beautiful waterfront homes like this one still line the Gulf Coast despite potential storm surges. That’s all due to structurally-sound wood piling. Bayou Forest Products recently supplied square piles for this elegant waterfront home.


This project required the first floor of the home to stand almost 20 feet above the ground. To soundly support a foundation that high, the contractor used 12” wide, 40-feel long square pilings and drove them into the ground. These piles were treated with CCA, which has a retention suitable for saltwater submersion. In just a couple of weeks, they were shipped directly to the property.

"We leverage our supplier network to available a regular stock of both round and square piling - ready to treat to a retention that meets our customers' specific needs," said James Smith, Bayou Forest Products' Sales Manager. "We can have it treated and get it to your site in short order."


In addition to these large 12"x 12" piles, Bayou Forest can supply 8"x 8" and 10"x 10" piles, plus round piles up to 80' long. 

For your dream home on the water, contact Bayou Forest Products for all your structural lumber and piling needs.  Click the button below to call and find out more information.

Project Materials

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