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Timber Fender System

Pressure Treating

Treated lumber and timbers are a proven product. They are are structurally sound, visually appealing, and cost-effective. The only potential downside is that wood is subject to attack and decay from insects, fungus, and other bacteria. Pressure treating can protect against wood's natural enemies. Southern Yellow Pine, in particular, is a perfect host for pressure treatments. SYP can be treated to high retention--suitable for submerging the timbers in saltwater environments. 

Call Bayou Forest Products at 1 (888) 430-9663 for more information on available pressure treatments.


Creosote is an oil-based pressure treatment that has been used for decades in industrial applications. Creosote treating offers the longest possible service life for timbers and piling. Because of its long life and durability, it is used in critical applications such as railroads, marine piling, and other frequent-use or extreme environments. 


Creosote is dark brown or even black in appearance. Over time and after exposure to the sun, creosote fades to a lighter shade of brown but does not lose its effectiveness.

Contact us for a quote on creosote lumber & piling.


CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) is a waterborne preservative treatment that has many industrial applications. Bayou Forest can provide lumber, timber, and piling treated up to 2.5 PCF, which is suitable for saltwater submersion. 


  • Agricultural Timber & Piles

  • Foundation Piling

  • Highway and Bridge Construction

  • Marine (Brackish & Saltwater)

  • Permanent Wood Foundations

  • Utility Poles

Preservative treatment subject to EPA guidelines. Please contact your sales representative for more information on approved uses.

Oilborne Preservative Treatments

Bayou Forest Products offers two oil-borne preservative treatments: Copper Naphthenate and Creosote. These treatments are used for industrial applications such as utility poles and railroad timbers.

Eco-friendly Preservative Treatments

For applications involving human contact, we offer a number of eco-friendly treatment options. These waterborne treatments are EPA-approved for a number of applications.


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