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Southern Yellow Pine Timbers

Bayou Forest Products supplies some of the largest, commercially-available Southern Yellow Pine in the nation – found in the Pine Belt of Mississippi. Known for their durability and strength, these logs make large timbers that are optimal for both structural applications and raw, treated materials.


Custom-cut specialty timbers are always available to order, including odd sizes, long lengths, and high grades. With your specifications, our quality timbers can fit any project.


In addition to sizing and dressing timbers, we offer various custom millwork services through our partner millwork shops. We can provide dapping and tapering services for railroad timbers, drilling and countersinking for fender systems, and tongue and groove and radius edging for decking and bridges. Click here for more information about custom millwork services.


Bayou Forest Products offer an array of pressure-treatment options through our partner treating plants. Industrial-grade applications include creosote and CCA treatment. There are also eco-friendly, EPA-approved options that protect your timbers while maintaining its appearance. We also offer KDAT (Kiln Dried After Treatment) services on many of our treated timbers. For more on treating services, click here.


  • Grades: Dense Structural 65, Dense Select Structural, #1 Dense, #1, #2, and Mill Run

  • 5"x5" and larger

  • Up to 46 feet in length

  • Can be Rough Cut or Smooth

  • S4S 20"x30"

  • S1S1E Full, S2S, S1S2E

12x12s are available now.
We also offer SYP Timber in various lengths and treatments, such as Creosote and CCA, and have it delivered to you.

Call to order now.

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