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Petroleum Coke Retaining Wall

BFP manufactures treated wood panels for petroleum byproduct storage facility

Southwest Louisiana is home to multiple petrochemical refineries. These refineries process crude oil into multiple products, including petroleum coke. The coke product is stored at the Port of Lake Charles before being shipped to consumers across the world. The Port requested bids to construct a retaining wall to help store more petroleum coke on-site, and we were on the job.


We supplied 10"x 40" panels, constructed from 10"x 10" SYP treated timbers and selected to meet engineer-approved design values according to strength and durability. These timbers were sized and precision-end-trimmed so that each panel would line up to be placed in the H-Beam columns comprising the wall. In addition, each panel was CCA treated to protect against decay from moisture. The panels were delivered to the Jobsite and installed.


Bayou Forest Product's solution ultimately provided the contractor with a cost-effective, efficient solution for meeting its customer's needs.

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