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Timber Fender System

Bayou Forest uses manufcaturing expertise to build material for Port of Houston

Houston, Texas is an epicenter for international trade, facilitating trade through the Gulf of Mexico. The Port of Houston's facilities are protected on the ship channel by fender systems, shown above, which must be periodically repaired or replaced. 

Recently, Bayou Forest Products supplied the treated timber pieces for a new fender system installation. Our contractor constructed a steel structure, and from the blueprints of that structure, Bayou Forest was able to manufacture and treat timber pieces that fit perfectly onto the steel structure. Our mills built the timbers for shear plating, drilled and countersunk holes for bolts, and chamfered edges on the pieces. All the millwork had to be completed within very precise tolerances so that the pieces would fit perfectly onto the steel structure. 

After the pieces were treated and shipped to the project site, the contractor attached the timbers to the system and installed the entire structure. 


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