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Bayou Forest Products launches new website

In an effort to expand its reach to end-users, Bayou Forest Products launched its all-new website today.

The website, which can be accessed by visiting on a browser or mobile device, is geared toward informing customers about both Bayou Forest Products as a company and the products it supplies.

"We've always provided a great range of products--products that you can't get many other places," said James Smith, Sales Manager. "We wanted those who find us via the web to be able to learn about those products."

While the website is designed to provide information about the company's products and services, Bayou Forest Product's value still lies in its personal service.

"We founded Bayou Forest Products in 1997 to be a service-oriented wood products wholesaler," said Charlene Smith, President. "When you call us, you work personally with our sales and support staff. We want to earn your trust. The website is a window into our offerings, but its our honesty and integrity that we believe will create a customer for life."

For example, James Smith explains that contractors often require materials that must--in addition to meeting project specifications--be delivered to meet certain deadlines.

"Our customers need to plan around delivery of our products. They need to play labor, equipment rentals, and other deadlines. So it's vital that we're honest in our availability. It's also important that our logistics are in order. If we make a great product and we can't get it that last mile to our customers, it's all been for naught. We work hard to get our material to our customers. We work hard so they don't have to."

Currently, the Bayou Forest Products website includes information on many of its Southern Yellow Pine products, both treated and untreated. Southern Yellow Pine is ideal for many industrial and commercial applications, including railroad bridge timbers, creosote timbers, and marine timbers.

In the future, Bayou Forest Products will be adding to its website, including its hardwood and cypress product lines.

For more information on timbers, poles, or piling, please contact Bayou Forest Products at 337-528-8500.

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